Note: This page was mostly inspired by “How to ask a question…” and adapted to our needs

Tips for getting your question answered on Discord or SL Chat

  1. Before you even start chatting, think through what your problem is. Write down how you are going to describe it. Think about it from the other side – what would you need to know if a stranger came to you and asked a question about Blender/Avastar? Gather all the system information that seems to bear on the problem (Version numbers, operating system, other addons installed?). Sometimes it even happens that by thinking through the problem, you come up with the answer yourself.
  2. Make sure your question or problem is relevant to Blender/Avastar. That may seem obvious but sometime we see this happen.
  3. Start with a brief and accurate description of your problem. A start like  “Help!” or “Avastar won’t work” will often get ignored. Almost any problem can be titled with a few key words that will raise interest in somebody who is familiar with the subject. A corollary to this is to avoid using all caps or a lot of exclamation points. Something like  “HELP!!!” turns many people off.
  4. If asked, briefly describe the problem. Leave out unnecessary details. Save everybody time by listing any solutions that you have tried but didn’t work.
  5. Next, describe  relevant system details (Version numbers, operating system, other addons installed, … List any error code that has been displayed in the Blender Console. Be prepared to provide more details if asked.
  6. Tell what you were doing when you encountered the problem. If it is a reproducible problem, list the steps or computer operations  that cause the problem.
  7. Be courteous and thank whoever is helping you whether you get a solution or not. Somebody is giving you their time and expertise for free. You may want to come back to the chat room and it pays to be friendly.
  8. If a suggested solution works, be sure to return to the chat room and report your success. It is the least you can do to return something for the help you have been given. It will make you welcome in the chat room the next time you go there for help.