Rig Modify Tools in Edit mode

Snap Base to Rig

Make sure the blue deforming Bones and the related green animation Bones are at the same locations. By default the blue deform bones are adjusted to the locations and rotations of the green animation bones. But some users prefer to edit the blue deformation bones. Those users can enable the double sided arrow on the right side. then the green animation bones get adjusted to the blue deform bones.

  • Snap Base to Rig (Double headed Arrow disabled):
    The blue Deform bone moves upward to match the green Animation bone.
  • Snap Rig to Base (Double headed arrow enabled):
    The green Animation bone moves downward to match the blue deform bone.

Note: Actually this function is not really needed, because Avastar automatically adjusts the bones when you leave Edit mode. However, this works reliably only when you edit the green animation bones. Hence this function is actually only needed for users who want to edit the blue deformation bones for one reason or the other.