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Ken Lastchance: Even though I first knew nothing about rigging in Blender i learned using Avastar and do ALL of it in there now. I was till then doing it all in Xxxx and never knew a thing about Blender, but it was worth learning for sure… thank you!! and great software


Bloodsong: Creating an avatar for Second Life requires putting together the right skeleton, facing the right way, with the right bone names, with the right orientations and the right bone roll, the right dae settings in the right dae flavor. You could re-discover every pitfall and ‘gotcha’ there is, and figure out how to work with it or around it.
Or you could just get Avastar, and be ready to go.


Syah Keiko: I added the cape, the crown, the mane and the hoofcaps to the Flower Pony. This was only possible due to the awesome Avastar community that very patiently answers all the questions I and others have. I guess you can make things for SL without Avastar, but it makes a lot of things just way easier!


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