Working with Bind Poses

In previous Avastar releases we always needed to eventually use the T-posed Character when we were creating models and attachments with human shapes. We did so to keep compatible to the SL  T-Pose rig (experts may remember the Alter to Restpose Option that we provided for this purpose).

In Avastar-2 we are no longer forced to handle the T Pose. Instead of that you can now work in any Restpose (technically named: Bind Pose). Avastar can now calculate the necessary extra data that is needed by the SL Importer to handle these Rigs properly.

Besides supporting arbitrary Bind poses we also added a few extra functions so that you can create your custom rigs more efficiently…


Bind poses and Developer kits

If you are working with Developer kits then you actually can not freely decide which Restpose (T-Pose, A-Pose, …) you want to use. In fact the pose used by the developerkit must be used by you as well.

If you try to enforce to use a restpose different from a Developer kit, you always will end up with mismatched clothes!

A Develoepr Kit using an A-Posed upper body Rig.

Some Rules of thumb

  • If you use another creator’s rig for creating compatible attachments, keep with the Restpose that is provided by the creator.
  • If you create your own Rig, you are free to use whichever restpose you like. But once you defined your rig, do never again change the restpose to make sure your attatments match to your Body.
  • If your Rig was massively edited, avoid using Bind Pose. Prefereably Import with Joint Offsets in that case. Massive edits include:
    • Scaled Avatars
    • Bones moved by Unlocking Animation Bone Translation

Simple Workflow for Bind Poses

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Gotchas (things you never wanted to know)

Unexpected rotations on the feet … to be finished