Odd Rotation of the Rig in Pose mode

Sometimes an entire subset of the Rig rotates into an odd angle when switching from Edit mode to Pose mode.

Rig in Edit Mode

Same Rig in Pose Mode

This may be cause by a bad editing of the Pelvis Bone.


The Pelvis bone has a rotation constraint. If you want to use it as in your blend file then you must disable the rotation constraints:

  • Select the Pelvis Bone
  • make sure you are in Pose mode
  • open the properties window
  • in the Data properties of the bone find the “transform Locks” section
  • Disable rotation constraints
  • Reset the rig to its restpose (ALT R, ALT G)

This should fix your Rig.

Note: Although the above workaround functions, we strongly recommend to keep the  Pelvis and PelvisInv to match exactly as in the Original Avastar:

  • Pelvis Head matches PelvisInv tail
  • Pelvis Tail matches PelvisInv Head

If you break the relative positions of Pelvis and PelvisInv then you get odd behavior as described above. And anything can go wrong.