There is nothing special about the Belleza Devkit. It just happens to be an ideal candidate for showing how to do a Migration in practice.

Step 1: Import the Devkit

  • Open the Collada Importer by using:
File -> Import -> Collada
  • Locate the Operator Redo Panel at the bottom left of the File selection Window (See image). Please ensure that the following options are enabled (check marked):

Fix Leaf Bones
Find Bone
Keep Bind Info (importing Fitted Mesh Bones, see below)

Note: Autoconnect can be disabled in most cases. Please test what works best for your case!

  • Import the Model


  • For Blender 2.77 or older:
    The Auto Connect option is not shown in the user interface, but it is always enabled.
  • Keep Bind Info:
    is only available with Blender 2.79.
  • For Blender 2.8:
    Blender 2.8 is the next generation Blender that will become available by end of 2018. Don’t use it together with Avastar (it won’t work yet).

Important: The keep bind info feature is especially needed for development kits that are made for other restposes than the SL T-Pose. If you intend to import those development kits to Blender/Avastar, then please ensure that your Blender version is 2.79 but please do not yet use Blender 2.80.

Step 2: Set the Migration options

  • Open the Tool Shelf and locate the Avastar Tools Panel
  • We have a ready made Preset for Belleza (see top of panel). Select this preset
  • Or alternatively set the options manually as follows:
    • Source Rig: SL
    • Target Rig: Basic
    • Dummies: Hide
    • With Joints: Enabled
    • Use POS as Skeleton definition
    • Use Bind Pose: Enabled
    • Enforce SL Bone Ends: Enabled
    • Enforce SL Bone Roll: Enabled
    • Show Offsets: Disabled
    • Apply Rot&Scale: Enabled
    • Male: Disabled
    • Snow Flake Icon: Disabled

Important: Keep the Male switch disabled when you convert a male Belleza Mesh!

Now you are ready to click the Button Convert to Avastar Rig.

Belleza Mesh right after Import (Collada)

Belleza Mesh after conversion to Avastar. The 90 degree rotation is on purpose.

If you are working with another Devkit then you can store your setup into your own Devkit Preset for later reuse. Actually we have done exactly that to define the Belleza Preset.

Dear Developer kit owners:

If you like so, you also can publish your settings or send them to us so that we can add your settings as an additional Preset.